Validating bachelor in mexico

It also offers some knowledge on planning practices and project management and aims to provide a broad education in international cooperation and economic development, enabling students to acquire the knowledge and critical understanding necessary to make a significant contribution to the management of public and private policies within the international cooperation framework. The name of SAP comes from: Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing.Objectives The Master focuses on issues related to development and growth both in developing and emerging countries as well as in the backward areas of developed nations. This system includes many fully integrated modules. logistics Production planning OBJECTIVES: Mastering SAP FI focused on the needs of your company.The goal of the operations of the supply chain is handled in the best possible way incoming customer orders.Achieving efficiency in the distribution of inventory, setting dates for the order to be completed, generating assortment lists warehouse, without forgetting the task of transport and shipping.Mastering the software word processing, presentations, managing databases and spreadsheets is essential, like languages.

With so many responsibilities, it is essential to be able to stay organized and know how to manage time and the workplace.

A full study of the profitability of the company through cost accounting and balance sheet analysis.

analytical and synthetic ability to solve complex problems....

Knowing the environmental management systems and safety and health accepted.

The Master in Accounting, Tax and Labor Management is designed for participants to acquire knowledge, skills and abilities that enable them to lead an effective accounting, tax and labor management of your company.

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