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One thing I want to add with regards DELETEs is that I would not be as concerned with its performance since in most cases if you don't need the data in your temporary object then you can exclude it when performing the SELECT/INSERT rather than removing it after the fact.As we can see from the results above a temporary table generally provides better performance than a table variable.If you've been a DBA for any amount of time I'm sure you've been asked the question: Which is better to use, a temp table or a table variable?There are technical reasons why to use one over the other, but being that I am usually just interested in performance I am more concerned with which one will be faster and use fewer resources.I have gotten a request to change it to auto-increment and to have it start the identity seed at 1000000.I know that I cannot alter a column to be an identity column in an existing table with data, so I have two options: either create an entirely new table and then move data from the old table into that new table or add an new identity column and update it with data from the old column.

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With the SQL Profiler trace for the DELETE statements we see an interesting result.

The SQL Profiler trace from the SELECT statements tell a different story.

When querying rows based on the primary key column or the non-indexed column we get the same performance from both objects.

The SQL Profiler trace from the UPDATE statements shows a similar trend to that of the SELECT statements.

When updating rows based on either the primary key or non-indexed column the performance is similar.

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