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'It’s always been my intention to tackle the 1926 general strike as it was a time when the possibility of a genuine revolution was in the air,' Knight said.'Birmingham has always been a very radical, very unionised, very leftwing city so it was important for us to have someone on the show who represents that.'Eden's daughter-in-law Andrea Mc Culloch describes her as 'very strong, committed in her beliefs' 'She was sort of person you might underestimate because she was small and vulnerable-looking but then – bang,' she said. By the time I knew her she was a sweet old lady but her sister-in-law Noreen told me she could tear you off a strip if you did something she didn’t approve of.'In a 1976 interview with the Birmingham Post, Eden told the paper about her front-line fight for workers' rights during the general strike. I think they could see there would have been a riot.

'One policeman put his hands on my arms,' she said. 'I was never frightened of the police or the troops because I had the people with me, you see.'Communist History Group convenor Graham Stevenson said she remained dedicated to her cause in old age, when he knew her.'My memory is of a physically frail and, by then, small person but her personality was still clearly bold, fearless and indomitable,' he said.

For clearly her son’s behaviour is down to more than just sugary foods or a lack of authority within the home. No one — even doctors with years of experience in autism — has ever come across a child quite like him.’Since speaking publicly about her plight, another mum from Cheshire has come forward who has a child similar to Ethan.‘We’ve swapped notes.’ says Sharon.

‘Her autistic son climbs, too, and drives her mad, just as Ethan does.

Every inch of the garden fence has been climbed, while wardrobes, doorframes, curtain poles and kitchen cupboards are mounted with ease.

Little wonder, then, that six-year-old Ethan Broughton has the nickname ‘Spiderboy’.

Her headline-grabbing activism fascinated the BBC2 gang drama's creator Steven Knight, who has cast Irish TV star Charlie Murphy in the role.

After going to Moscow to reportedly rally female workers in the construction of the city's Metro, she returned to Birmingham and campaigned to improve tenant conditions.

Now the windows are permanently locked.’But the impact of having a son like Ethan has been far greater than just a few extra grey hairs. A much-loved former career as a manager of a care home for young adults with learning difficulties had to be abandoned when Ethan was three because he became so demanding.

Family holidays, or even a trip to a restaurant, are impossible thanks to his dangerous behaviour.

Richard left last year, after Ethan’s wild antics put enormous pressure on both his parents.

Life can be lonely for Sharon, with her every action adjusted for Ethan’s behaviour.

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