Isp dns not updating

Can you think of any reasons why my network would be depending on the to be used instead of the new address?Like I said before, I've already made the changes in the DHCP server so clients would receive the new gateway address My guess is maybe in the dhcp scope the router portion..assuming it was listed...i am running out of ideas since I cannot see the my best guess is to contact sonicwall and maybe even cox to see if you can come up with a solution.I'm positive I've already altered all the settings from .254 to .1 When I said earlier that after switching my Sonic Wall to it started working, I was mistaken.What had actually happened was I still had my ISP's DNS server listed as my secondary DNS server entry.

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After about a month of troubleshooting, I honestly have no clue why this problem happened.

I know these firewall come with node limitations, but if none can see than that is not the issue.

i am assuming that cox cable just hands of the wan ip and config to a device that you have to configure such as the sonic wall you are currently working on.

I started researching Sonic Wall routing policies and now think my default routing policies aren’t configured correctly.

I've created my own custom routing policies and will try connecting again.. If, when using your ISP's DNS server for DNS, your clients can get on the internet, then most likely the default gateway (.254) is set correctly.

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