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One of the most important things to a child in today’s modern world would be technology. Things like phones, computers, Facebook, and I-pods are owned by almost everyone in the world.Why this and how this has become a problem is still being argued in all parts of the world....

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[tags: Internet Addiction Disorder] - Internet is a big problem in our society today.That’s the working assumption every time your child encounters a single dad? - To prevent Internet addiction, it is a parent’s responsibility to raise their child(ren) on limited or no technology because parents and their children will not bond, it creates development problems, and technology becomes an abnormal necessity in a child’s life.In the future, always ask who’ll be on duty before you say yes to a sleepover.Lenore here again: Because…a man is assumed to be a predator unless his wife is around? Would it possibly make more sense to (as I always suggest) teach your child to recognize, resist and report abuse, rather than to assume the very worst is going to happen when they encounter a male of the species?

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