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Most young women of today have slender frames which only add to the beauty of their traditional dark, lustrous hair and glowing skin.Even though they are not often perceived by the international media as the hottest females in the manner of Hollywood platinum blondes and dark Latino temptresses, Turkey is actually filled with the likes of Azra Akin – the Turkish beauty who went on to win the Miss World title in 2002.But you can’t judge them, the reason being that black people are rare here and it’s in recent years that Black students and other black migrants are migrating to Turkey because of the pull or push factors. My friend tells me it hurt her but she didn’t know what to do so she blanked it out.One other thing that fascinates Turkish people is our hair. I am “team don’t touch my hair” unless you ask to; It does not matter if you are from my own race or other races, just don’t touch my hair without my permission. Usually you will be walking down the streets or in the bus and a stranger walks up to you, touches your hair and the question that follows will be “how do you wash you hair? First of all I understand you might be curious about our hair but asking us how we wash it, how do you wash your hair? I always tell her that “she” is very lucky that I was not in the bus with her because I would have acted a fool and caused a scene which wouldn’t have helped but caused me more problems. You can braid, curl, straighten and weave it or even grow an Afro. Some of them are really genuine, loving and very friendly towards us; you will even feel like you are a celebrity.I am sitting here thinking of how I should introduce this topic to you because I have a lot to say. My name is Mosa and I am an African; you already knew that didn’t you? While back at home, I never really thought much about my race until I came to Turkey.I find it very hard to believe that in this era black people continue to cause a great stare amongst other races. I mean, I know I am black but it was never an issue for me.Let’s just say some of the Turkish people have racial prejudice while others turn to be way over curious; it’s in their nature.When they see something foreign to them they want to look, touch and feel it.

I am not excusing their behavior; how they behave is totally unacceptable. There was an incident that happened a while back, a close friend of mine was in the bus and a Turkish lady touched her hair and what happened afterwards was that the lady took her hand sanitizer and cleansed her hands.

Turkey is known for its strategic location at the meeting point of the East and West; but apart from its geographical position, Turkey is also blessed to embody in its culture the best of both worlds.

Little wonder then that its women are some of the most attractive in the world besides being smart and well educated.

We have developed self-doubt because some of them make us feel like there is something wrong with how we look. We have so many cases where we find people looking, asking to take pictures with us, pointing, smiling or some even laughing at us.

Just like everybody else, I understand that when one sees something alien to him/her, one can stare but if it’s a person you don’t stare in such a way that you make one feel uncomfortable or less of a human. As much as it agitates me, I have come to a realization that “some” don’t mean to be rude or offend you but it just comes naturally.

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