Dating relationships older man younger woman

My brother was 25 and his wife was 47 when they married 20 years ago and have been happy ever since.

I to was concerned about the age difference and the funny thing is, it never became a problem with any of our family or friends.

It does my heart good to know that SOME people out there can make this work because i dont believe we choose whom we fall in love with..just happens and when it does, and you know its right, you dont give a **** about a silly number or what others may think!!!

kind regards: deborah Hi all : ) I went on Holidays overseas, and met an Australian Male 13 years my junior.

My wife is at home raising the kids and that's her choice.

I said that if I was going to be her husband and want a family I believed it was my duty to provide so she could focus on our family.

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