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Formed in 1969; Suspended activity between 19; Again long recording hiatus from 1989 to 1996, but during this period the band continued to tour; Still active as of Sept 2017."Steeleye Span is like a bus. Sometimes the bus goes along the route you want to go, and sometimes it turns off, so you get off." -- Maddy Prior As one of the two most important bands to blend traditional British folk musics and rock - the other being the legendary Fairport Convention - STEELEYE SPAN represented both the revival of this music in Britain and its ventures into contemporary times.

Any serial number that begins with one or more letters was made in the 90s or later, and is not included in this list.

Please note also that the speaker cabinet serial numbers used a different progression.

The album would influence an entire movement though the group was divided about this direction and split, FC proceeding without HUTCHINGS or DENNY. Folk with the added dimension of HUTCHINGS's bass and guest drummers Gerry CONWAY and Dave MATTACKS, the album is also noted for the dual female vocals of PRIOR and WOODS.

Completely authentic but with a modern spark their peers never quite matched, the ensemble's development was one of the most evolving in popular music.

By 1969, an electrically charged Folk scene had fully emerged in England.

One of the most authentic and assuredly progressive ensembles to have emerged during the classic Prog Era, STEELEYE SPAN's strictly folk/pop image does not do them justice and any appreciators of the infusion of British Traditional music with rock must acquaint themselves with this group's great catalog.

Note: The numbers below are for Hylight and Biacrown Hiwatt amplifiers only!

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