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12 Month Membership | Dedicated Matchmaker | 100% Money Back Guarantee* | Massive Database of Clients | Client Confidentiality | Outstanding Customer Services | SSL Protected System | High Success Rate | Fastest Growing Muslim Marriage Bureau in the UKOutline Upon successful Registration your membership will be activated the next working day. Matchmakers will handle your account from start to finish and they will look for your matches.

Your Matchmaker will go through our entire database of clients and pick out the best available single Muslim options for you according to age, looks, height, education, caste, location and much more.

At this point the Muslim Matrimony Matchmaking process comes to and end! If either of you are unhappy with the match then please mutually agree to cease contact and let us know.

We will then find more Muslim and single matches for you.

Your first match will be sent within a couple of weeks (Maximum of 28 Days).

Your Muslim and single match will consist of general profile information of the client; age, height, city, maybe their education information and their current occupation, and also contact details.

The telephone number may be theirs or their family’s, so always introduce yourself politely and ask with whom you are speaking.

Pictures will not be sent out; we only use pictures to aid in matchmaking.

Hum Marriage Bureau offers a service unlike any other with professional Muslim matrimony matching in the UK.

We retain your details for a further 90 days incase there is a hiccup with your match and you decide not to go ahead after all.

After 90 days your information is destroyed securely and you are removed from our systems entirely.

You will be sent another match and the process starts over.

(See Terms and Conditions for match timings and further information).

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